The Syslinux Boot Loader Menu displaying all the 32b and 64b options Parted Magic has to offer. The Syslinux Project is a suite of lightweight IBM PC MBR boot loaders for starting up computers with the Linux kernel. It is the work of H. Peter Anvin, and consists of several separate systems, the best-known of which is ISOLINUX.

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This is the desktop area where most of the work could be done. Most tasks could be done without digging for useful tools. Browse your files with the File Manager. Check the health of your disks. Change your keyboard layout. Profile and benchmark your computer. Change your screen layout (Useful for multiple monitors). Browse the web with the mighty Firefox. Scan for Viruses. Erase your disks with many different methods and options. Alter your partitions. Clone partitions or entire disks. Access remote desktops. To the right you'll see a nice system display and at the bottom the panel. From the panel you may use the rest of the vast number of useful tools. The panel includes some other nice programs. Mount your disks. Use the command line. Clipboard storage. Network access. Foreign language keyboard. Adjust the volume. Lock the screen.

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Parted Magic's Secure Erase program ready to erase three drives. This program could be considered by many professionals and websites as being one of the most powerful for Secure Erase.

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Partition Editor displaying partitions from a Windows 7 and a Linux setup.

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The Partition Editor displaying a typical Windows 8 laptop setup.

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The Disk Cloning program.

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One of the many networking tools available. Wired. Wireless. This program does it all.

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